Effective Flies Tied from Craft Store Materials
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Effective Flies Tied from Craft Store Materials

This webpage is dedicated to flies tied from materials from non-flyshop materials. The above title is a bit misleading since I'll also include materials found at sewing stores, dollar stores and hardware stores. Why the emphasis on these alternative sources? For me it is relatively simple. the nearest full ervice flyshops are either located about 130 miles either due east or due west. It isn't a quick jaunt to the flyshop to get a material I might be missing to tie a fly (especially with the current cost of gasoline!!). The advent of the internet and internet flyshops has helped greatly, but the immediacy of getting the material still isn't there. For the most part the flies described here will be nymphs, wet flies, streamers, sliders and poppers. Dry flies require suitable dry fly hackle, which is not something you will likely find at a craft store, or other store around town. The flies on this site will also be tied completely from materials found at these alternative sites for materials. It is certainly possible to use some of these materials in conjunction with materials from a flyshop, but I'm trying to limit the scope of this webpage. The one exception to that is almost every fly tied on these pages will use fly tying threads.- M. O'D.

A Standing Invitation

This is an invitation to anyne who would like to submit a pattern to be put up on this webpage to do so. just send the pattern to flylabook@yahoo.com. If you want you can include picture(s). Standard width for pictures on this site will be 400 pixels. If you just want to send the pattern that is fine as well, and I'll tie the fly and scan or photograph it as appropriate for the site. Each fly will be put on its own page.

Types of Materials

The links below will lead to pages describing the types of materials you might find at these non-traditional source stores, and what they might be used for.

Under Construction!! All Links Not Yet Active!!

Fur, Hair & Substitutes
Tinsel & Flash
Foam, Balsa & Bass Wood
Miscllaneous Materials

Fly Patterns

Fly Pattern Page


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Last update of pages August 28, 2006